Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

So yesterday was my birthday, and now I'm officially old! I have to say, though, birthdays are much nicer when you live close to family and have people to celebrate it with! I got a whole birthday weekend, with more birthday goodness to come :) 

Friday, Cass took me out on a date, a real date! We went to Tepanyaki for dinner (yum!) and then an improv comedy show while my wonderful father-in-law babysat Ellie. Saturday, Cass's mom Chris took us out to Mexican for lunch. Then yesterday, I got a nap!, and then we went to my parents' house. Mom made ribs, we had cake, and played Trivial Pursuit. I kinda sucked at it; Jordyn answered one of the questions for me! (She's very bright. It was about dinosaurs.) Then on Saturday, Mom and Dad are taking me out to Tucanos, and on Sunday, the Ainges come home! Happy Birthday to me! 

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